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You receive up to 3 comparable offers from relevant advisors. This ensures a fair price and a good basis for decision making. We have also collected ratings from previous customers, so you can see how the various advisors rank in terms of price and quality.

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Abedava is a free mediation service. It is therefore 100% free and non-binding for you to find a new advisor through Abeveda. Drop the excuses and get started today

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You choose the offer where the quality and price are best delivered to your expectations. Then the cooperation with the chosen adviser begins.


This is how it works

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Get free access to more than 5,000 user reviews of accounting and law advisors, and find an advisor that shines in just the areas you appreciate. All reviews are based on the quality of counselors’ work as well as the advisor’s availability, expertise and ability to stay within the budget.


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You are welcome to use our company directory, which lists all companies in accounting and law – including those who do not cooperate with Abeveda. Of course you can do the hard work yourself and find a counselor near you. However, we are convinced that our free service sells itself.

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We have helped more than 100,000 customers find the right counselor. This experience we take with us when we also help you find the right solution that meets your needs, your budget and your preferences. Ageras is your guarantee of finding the right advisor.


Super good
 A very good experience from start to finish. Very professional and comfortable. Easy to go to when I got a detailed list of what the company needed. Follow-up – without feeling pressured.
Annemette Andersen

Din-Bolighandel ApS


Proffesional and friendly visit
I had a visit to Torben Wind and it was a really good start. I was allowed to ask all my “stupid” questions and was taken seriously and got concrete useful answers to both approx. Price and we agreed together how we could do the best and cheapest possible. All in all a really nice start.
Tina Holmer

Wind Revision Registered Revisionsanpartsselskab


Very good experience incl. Good advice and price

The preparation of the will went excellent with Ditte as an adviser. I feel that she came through the matter carefully and answered all my questions and at a very reasonable fee. Mvh Eamann

Eamann Cosgrave

IDEAH Law House



It was just super

Christoffer Emil Hørbo

DK Accounting v / Lise-Lotte Sørensen